Education Philosphy in the Classroom

The Best Learning Environment for Young Children isA warm, nurturing environment to be able to succeed in life.    
                                    Preschoolers respond to a loving touch.   
This child was having a struggle at 'drop off'.  I noticed her finger nails and suggested we take a pic to show mom.  I pointed out my nails and that her's were prettier.  
                                             She immediately warmed up and began playing!  Success!

When each child walks into the classroom he/she needs to feel like they are welcome 
and accepted.

                                         Parents love being addressed and welcomed each day.  

Children love a bright and inviting classroom.  Parents love a classroom filled with art.  
Click Here to see photo's of the art in our classroom. 
Parents love to see their child 'engaged' in activity whether working alone on an art project.   Or engaging in a group project or activity.   Or spontaneously playing with another child. 

How do Young Children Learn…

As unique individuals, children learn in different ways.  As a Preschool teacher, I strive to include different kinds of learning technique.  

Each moment can be a 'teaching moment'.   Each activity can turn into a learning activity.  
It's my desire to provide 'teaching moments' throughout each day.  
While the children were playing I joined them on the floor to write my 'daily sheets' (individual logs of their. day)  One child noticed my flower pen.  This became an activity of each of them writing their name. 

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